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Introducing the R4 DS; the slot 1 game card for the Nintendo DS range of games consoles. We offer a wide range of various R4DS options that will work with the latest games consoles from Nintendo.

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Nintendo, one of the undisputed giants of the gaming world, first introduced its DS handheld console as long ago as 2004, but the diminutive device remains a super firm favorite to this day with gamesters the world over. The Nintendo DS has enough games written for it to keep users entertained for a lifetime, but if you get temporarily tired of gaming, a technology called R4 DS has the potential to vastly expand the potential and utility of this landmark Nintendo machine.

An R4 DS card is an expansion card or cartridge, rather similar to an SD (Secure Digital) card, which enables a wide range of additional functionality to be added to the Nintendo DS and also its successor, the DSi. With an R4 DS card inserted into the 'SLOT 1' slot of your DS or DSi you can turn your beloved Nintendo into a music player rather like an iPod. With R4 DS you can listen to your favorite music on the DS, and even watch movies and videos on the Nintendo LCD screen. The expansion card will also provide access to games that can be downloaded from the net onto your PC then transferred to your Nintendo DS via the R4 DS card.

The Nintendo DS and DSi both allow connection of an R4 DS expansion cartridge, which then supports SD and MicroSD cards with a storage capacity of up to 32 gigabytes. The R4 DS device effectively overrides the system software of the Nintendo DS, which then allows the loading of items and programs that are not normally recognized or accepted by the Nintendo DS operating system on its own. The modifications allowed by such a device also extend to what are effectively temporary hardware mods. For example, with the card running on the DS or DSi you can vary the brightness of the LCD screen in a manner not available to you in the standard Nintendo device settings.

One excellent benefit of using R4DS with your Nintendo DS or DSi is its support for Homebrew games. Homebrew is software, usually games, written by enthusiasts and not officially endorsed by Nintendo. In fact, in practice the Japanese corporation turns a blind eye to the phenomenon of Homebrew and accepts its use on the DS platform. Presumably Nintendo's thinking is that anything that leads to owners of the DS and DSi remaining loyal to their devices and increasing their use of them should be encouraged. Locking down devices to restrict user generated content and software is a strategy adopted by some hardware manufacturers but clearly not Nintendo.

All in all, an R4 DS card is highly recommended for any serious user of the Nintendo DS or DSi. It is remarkably easy to use, allowing simple drag and drop of files from a PC desktop or folder onto the card, which can then be used with the Nintendo. Some rumours have spread on the internet about the possibility of damage being done to the electronics of the Nintendo DS or DSi by use of this kind of R4 DS card, but such fears are completely baseless.

R4 DS Card

The Nintendo DS is the world's second most popular console after the Sony PS2, however the console is aging and people are looking for a new way to get the most from the console. This is the R4 DS comes in, the R4 DS is a flashcard that allows you to use a Micro SD or SDHC memory card on the Nintendo DS or DS lite console and playback your favourite media files such as music, movies and photos.

The R4 DS is a slot 1 device meaning it fits into the same slot that you put your game cartridges and allows you to easily access the R4 DS should you wish to change what files you have on the device. The GUI or graphic user interface on the R4 DS is easy to follow and designed for even the least technical person, making navigating and playing back files on the R4 DS a super easy task. With the R4 DS you jcan experience all the true features of the console and playback all your media files on the go, never again having a moment of boredom.

The R4 DS also supports homebrew games, many of which are easily available of the internet for download and can be designed and developed by everyone. This opens up your choice to thousands of more games so you are sure to find one you love. There are several version of the R4 DS, the R4 DS is designed for the Nintendo Ds and DS lite console, the R4 DSi is designed for the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL and finally the R4 DS 3DS is designed for, as the name would suggest, the Nintendo 3DS console.

R4 DS Card

The r4 ds is a slot 1 device that when combined with the Nintendo Ds or DS lite console allows you to download and play media files on your console, files which you previously couldn't access without the R4. The R4 DS works by allowing you to attach either a Micro SD or SDHC memory card to your NDS console. Once attached you can transfer files from your PC onto the memory card and then play the back on the console. The whole process takes only a couple of minutes and you can begin gaming again. With the R4 DS the options available are endless, there are so many different types of files it supports, music, photos, videos and eBooks to name a few. The R4 DS is also available in a newer version, the R4i which works with the Nintendo Dsi console and allows you to experience all the great features of the R4 DS on the newest console from Nintendo. It also supports the latest firmware from Nintendo meaning you can stay up to date with the latest technology.

Homebrew content on the R4 DS allows you to download and play homebrew games from the internet, these games can be developed by anyone and allow you to access thousands of new titles which you previously couldn't. You no longer have to rely solely on the games available in the shops, opening up a whole new world of entertainment. With the R4 DS you can transform your games console into a fully fledged media device, with one small attachment, the same size as a regular games cartridge.

Nintendo 3DS news

Firstly, let me introduce the latest portable system - The Nintendo 3DS. The term that is crucial listed here is "3D". That is correct, Nintendo has discovered a method to provide 3D gaming to a portable system. Such as the DS before it, it'll feature two touch-screens, and it'll go for $ 250's somewhat a significant cost.

If you are concerned about your child carrying a pair of goofy looking spectacles in order to experience the 3D effect, now is the time to stop worrying, Nintendo has been able to do something with its 3D effects that a $3000 TV are unable to do. The 3D will offer 3D graphics to the gamer without using those goofy spectacles. The 3D graphics, that can only be experienced by the gamer, which is enjoying the game, can be adjusted using the slider found on the sides of the console. If you wish to play in 2D mode, you may also do so. If you wish to tone down the effects of 3D just a little bit, you may do so too, all with the ease of a button and in real-time.

The price tag of $250 may not seem gradual, but it is worth it. The Nintendo 3DS will be around for a very long time. For $250, your child can get possibly get 3 great decades of use from the system. All of the large Nintendo games such as Zelda and Mario are also on their way to the system too, with a new relaunch of N64’s Ocarina of Time (believe me, your child enjoys this game) currently introduced. You will spend about $100 on the 3DS significantly more than the standard DS, and it's totally worthwhile. You will simply be purchasing a 3DS in just a year and end up investing more money ultimately if you purchase the DS.


R4i SDHC 2016 R4 3DS Card

It is a new year and a new beginning. That speaks true for R4 3DS cards. Each year, R4 3DS card manufacturers make sure to create new and feature-rich R4 3DS cards for the people to enjoy. Today, we are going to take a look at the R4i SDHC 2016 R4 3DS Card. This is a new and improved version of the R4i SDHC R4 3DS card and it should have a lot of features now. Here are all the features that the R4i SDHC 2016 R4 3DS Card has:

Work directly on 3DS v10.2.0-28 and DSi v1.4.5
100% NDS game compatibility
Support GBA/SNES/NES games as well
Support multimedia files, movies, music, pictures, and e-books
WIFI search engine function
Soft reset
Sleep mode function, for power saving and longer standby time.
Multi-languages are optional
Friendly interface, easy to operate
Realtime smart help windows
Support SDHC up to 32GB
Supports Moonshell and homebrew
Power saving design. Enter optimized mode automatically
Double screen UI
Easy to use, setting or adjustment is not required
Support Wi-Fi, rumble pack and browser expansion
UI background can be changed
4-level brightness adjustment
Support AR cheat codes
Support soft-reset of moonshell 2.10
DLDI auto-patching

Support Download play

The R4i SDHC 2016 R4 3DS Card has a few notable features. For one, it should be compatible with all Nintendo consoles, which includes the previous generation DS consoles such as the Nintendo DS, DSi, DS XL and the Nintendo 3DS. Another notable feature of the R4 3DS card is that it supports pictures, movies, music, and even ebook files. This is because of the homebrew applications support that the R4i SDHC 2016 R4 3DS Card brings. You can play the movie files using Moonshell, a very popular Nintendo 3DS application. Before you can play movie files for the Nintendo 3DS, you have to convert the media files to a supported file format. Do not worry, the Moonshell application comes with a media converter so that it can convert media files to the correct and supported file format. If you do not know your way in using the R4i SDHC 2016 R4 3DS Card, don’t worry; there is a smart guide feature that gives you hints, tips, and tricks on how to use this R4 3DS card. You do not have to be well-versed in using this R4 3DS card because this smart guide feature will help you along the way. Are you playing a Role-playing game and you needed to attend to an important matter, say a class perhaps? You do not have to worry as the R4i SDHC 2016 R4 3DS Card comes with a Real-time save feature. This feature allows you to save the game state that you are currently in, so when you come back to the game later, you will come back in the same exact frame from where you left off. This is pretty convenient for gamers on the go who have busy lives. The R4i SDHC 2016 R4 3DS Card is an improved card and you can buy this R4 3DS card for only $18.


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