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Introducing the R4 DS; the slot 1 game card for the Nintendo DS range of games consoles. We offer a wide range of various R4DS options that will work with the latest games consoles from Nintendo.


If you are the proud owner of a Nintendo DSi or a DS, you are a part of one of the most formidable platforms in today’s competitive gaming world. As it stands, a Nintendo DS, or its follow-up machine, the DSi, gives you breathtaking gaming on the go, courtesy of the many fabulous games that are available for you to buy and play on your Nintendo. However, what would you say if you learned that by installing a small cartridge onto your Nintendo you could expand the capabilities of your console tenfold? Such are the possibilities if you install an R4 DS card on your Nintendo DS.

Adding an R4 DS to a Nintendo console is very easy indeed. This is a small cartridge that you pop into the DS ‘SLOT 1’ interface, which is where games cartridges normally go. The R4 DS works in tandem with any SD or MicroSD card that you can fit in the Nintendo ‘SLOT 2’ expansion slot. Once you get it up and running, the R4 DS card takes over the running of your Nintendo DS/DSi. This opens up a vista of expanded functionality, encompassing music, video and much more! Have you ever wished you could get rid of that iPod? Well, with an R4 DS you can, since it enables you to turn a DS or DSi into a stunning little music player. Now, gaming and music are the order of the day, but on one device, not two!

But that’s by no means the limit of what you can do with this remarkable expansion cartridge for the Nintendo DS and its younger brother, the DSi. With the addition of this small, inexpensive cartridge, you can download your choice of Hollywood movies, TV shows and vids from YouTube and other internet sites, and then transfer them to the Nintendo for viewing on the move on the LCD screen of your DS.

The R4 DS cartridge works with SD cards of 32 gigabytes maximum in size. You must use the SD card to store your files, such as vids and music files. It is child’s play to download such media files from the internet onto your computer desktop or laptop, then drag and drop the relevant files onto the SD card, from where they can be accessed on the Nintendo DS fitted with the necessary R4 DS card.  The poll speaks for itself, it's a 50/50 split on preferences.



This R4 DS system works a treat with both the Nintendo DS and the more recent DSi. Some naysayers have warned that use of this type of cartridge could fry the circuitry of Nintendo consoles but these suggestions are entirely without foundation. These so-called warnings may be nothing more than malicious rumours spread by those who are jealous of others with a Nintendo DS and R4 DS card combo that truly works like a dream. A combo of this kind fitted with an R4 DS card in fact works like a charm and increases the Japanese games console’s functionality far beyond its original specifications, effectively turning this small gaming device into a powerful multimedia entertainment centre.

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